Wednesday 12 February 2014

Off topic: Dinosaurs and Alien Queens

I may have mentioned that I don't live that far from the Excel Centre - to the point that sometimes, I end up using it as a short cut to get to other places when it's cold.... Recently, I was cutting through it and there was some big conference on. I found out later it was "ICE" - a big gambling company trade show.

And online gambling companies, it seems, have the same level of taste, subtlety and discretion as Las Vegas Casinos do when given an opportunity to show off.

But what really got my attention was this:

If you're having trouble reading the text in the photo: This is the original Queen from Aliens - and in her last public appearance. It seemed a little sad that her last outing was not at some sci fi convention, but some slick gambling convention because someone has licensed Aliens for an online casino game.

So, in her memory, here's a few shots I managed to take of her.


  1. Hangon, what do you mean 'last'?

    1. It is mentioned in the sign that it's the last public display, but no explanation as to why.