Tuesday 18 March 2014

A busy week...

This week's post is a little late as I'm on a work training course which is taking up most of my time! I have a pile of posts I want to make, including battle reports, my Beastman painting tutorial and some thoughts about gaming things in my head - but the need for course revision is seriously knocking them for six, along with any hope of getting any painting and modelling done.

Last week, however, was pretty eventful from a hobby standpoint!

The Goblinaid figures I ordered from Ral Partha Europe while I was on holiday for my birthday arrived, along with a lovely note from them explaining the delay - they'd been completely swamped in the last week after it was announced they weren't going to be available any more.

I went to a massive Apocalypse game at Dark Sphere, which will deserve a post of its own at some point. I fielded 3,200 points of Guard, Inquisition and Assassins, and my side didn't actually lose!

My wife saw my blog post talking about my Beastman woes and decided to kick my motivation into gear by solving the problem for me... She is a wonderful woman.

She's sorted out the nine chaps who don't need cross body rifles to give me something to paint while she does the 11 difficult ones. As soon as my training course finishes, I will be right on these! They just need a little liquid green stuff and a few more grenades and pouches, then I'll be underway with the painting.

So, sorry about the silence, but it is because the world is so full of good things I've not had the time. Hope to be able to post again soon.

As a side note - who is coming to Salute this year? Would people be interested in meeting up after the show for dinner, or arranging to meet around lunch time in the venue somewhere?

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