Thursday 6 March 2014

Oh nuts - Imperial Beastman kit bash problems with assembly

In continuance of the Hobby Progress Challenge, I got as far as adding arms to my Imperial Beastmen today.

Or rather, I didn't.

Here's a dry fit from the front, using blu tac to hold him together.

And here's the problem. The arms on the Ungor body fit on by sloping inwards - the Catachan torsos were designed to be parallel. I could get away with it when both hands aren't on the gun, but for the models where both hands are holding it - and I want some like that - this is going to be a big pain and a bunch of green stuff.

The head also needs to be raised really rather significantly to not get in the way of the gun.

At this point, I was moving my light to get another shot and knocked a pint glass full of water all over my painting area and me. That's now cleared up, but I have decided I have most definitely had enough of modelling for the evening.


  1. Sounds as extensive work-wise as my own Imperial Beastmen where I decided Hacking Gor lower legs off the sculpt and replacing Catachan guard lower legs with them was a good idea.... *facepalm*

    Good luck sir.

    1. I'm not sure - at least I get to keep the bodies in one piece and may be able to get away with some heads not having to be raised...

      Your Beastmen are lovely, by the way!

  2. Replies
    1. It's entirely doable. But my "build and paint 20 in a month" plan has, shall we say, gone a bit pear shaped.