Monday 10 March 2014

Regaining the zen - putting some paint on a model

I really, really don't like to think about how long I've had my friend Becky's Tzeentch Herald. I'm a terrible, terrible person, but I'm gosh-darned going to get it finished for her eventually!

Anyhow, after my little issue earlier in the week with my Beastman Kitbashing, I decided to try and regain some of my fragile equilibrium with some actual painting, and turned back to the Herald, who has been sitting resolutely not done on my painting board for far too long!

I'm now working on getting colours other than pink onto our Herald-y friend. The blue on the feathers is a nice contrast, and the two different shades of metal seem to work quite well.  This is his back, where he has a little crop of feathers coming out from under his arm pit. Tzeentchian underarm hair / feathers does seem to be a little out of control!

Here he is from the front. I've now started up the layering and blending on the beak. My idea here is to have his pink flesh blend into a bone coloured area which is clearly harder, then through to a dark purple where you'd normally do horn / bone with a dark brown.

I'm also intending to bring the blue on his dagger back a bit - that's the first wash, and I want to put more silver metal back onto it, but I went a little too heavy on the wash, and you've got to wait for that to dry before trying to fix it, or it will All Go Wrong.

I started painting this model before my painting lesson from Tommie at Golem Painting Studio. It really has highlighted how much I've come on in terms of thinking about where to put paint on a model, let alone in the techniques to actually put it on the model, as a result of that class. He's just held a "Painting Essentials" class this weekend (I know Mr Lee went, so check out his blog for the inevitable review), but there will almost certainly be more.


No matter how far you are in your painting, from starting out all the way through to some genius with a brush, he will probably have something to teach you. I currently regard it as the best money I've ever spent in the hobby.

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