Monday, 27 July 2015

How do you 40K again? 1500 points vs Space Wolves

With reinforcements in the form of some veterans from the Pakeshi sector, I thought it was time to give my Guard army an outing. So, I asked one of my Guard officers to call some chap with a fur cloak called Nigel a bunch of rude names, and soon enough, the Space Wolves were attacking...

Nothing unusual in the army, really - 20 man combined squad, some conscripts, a couple of veteran squads and an assortment of tanks - I held the demolition team in reserve in a Valkyrie. Beyond that, I was facing Void Claws and Drop Pods, so spread the infantry out for area denial.

The Void Claws dropped conservatively and safely, well out of tight of the main line. One of the drop pods, however, decided that something would have to be done about the Hellhound.

Meanwhile a small squad of Grey Hunters went to try and get the Ratlings out of their firing position. Off camera, a whirlwind rocket landed directly on the conscript's commissar, and they wisely decided to high tail it off the field.

Short ranged bolter fire is horribly effective.

But a mix of flamers and a battle cannon at short range left the Grey Hunters a fraction of their previous strength.

But more Grey Hunters were coming in from reserve, both by drop pod...

.. and by flyer.

Unsurprisingly, the first target was the Hydra, before it could do something horrible to the flyer.

The Void Claws turned the corner and cut the combined squad down, with the exception of a stubborn priest, protected by his Rosarius (and refusing a challenge and hiding at the back).

With nowhere left to hide, the priest was finally cut down.

Leaving Njal, Arjac and the Void Claws to hunt down the few surviving Guard alive on the table.

Bravely, the CO faced down a horde of angry fur draped Terminators.

On reflection, perhaps calling them names had been a poor plan. In a panic from the death of his Astropath by flung hammer, he fled the field before they could catch him.

Finally, the air cavalry arrived, peppering the Whirlwind with multilaser fire.

The Bombard destroyed by the Space Wolf flyer, the Leman Russ soon faced the same fate.

The Veterans disembarked as the Valkyrie took out the Whirlwind. While the flamers cause the Long Fangs hiding in the building some casualities, the demolition charge sadly only weakens the building and doesn't destroy it.

The Valkyrie is shot from the sky, and while the Veterans grab another couple of objectives, they are quickly surrounded and taken out.

After action thoughts

Well, that went . . . poorly. The Guard were wiped out, and were down double digits of victory points to three... My army seems to lack both AP2 and the ability to deal with drop pods in any large numbers.

I'm already having a think about what to add to even the odds a bit.


  1. From the little I know about 40k, you add Space Marines . . . . Lots and lots of Space Marines.

    1. I do have a not small amount of Dark Angels all lying around waiting to be assembled...

  2. As an aside your army LOOKED the business

    1. Thank you! There's a mix of stuff I painted, my wife painted, and the Bombard is a Golem Painting Studios job.

  3. Yeah, in 5th, the points seemed to work, but it does not seem as if the Spaze Murheens can be allowed to loose; hence all of the new toys which are almost impossible to kill or annihilate swathes of GEQ armies.

    An army of melta vets in Valks, triple vultures with Punishers and as many vendettas as you're allowed would seem to be the most viable iggy option, but to do that fluffily would cost a bit.

    1. The Guard were, I think, the last army book for 6th, so are at a bit of a disadvantage at the moment. They're still feasible as a force, but I've not quite 'caught up' to the meta, given I've got swathes of models from 5th edition still to paint!

  4. Guard Army is still a 5th edition army. It's not going to change, really, either!

    1. 5th is probably still my "most played" edition, but I'm actually really fond of 7th if you're playing with folks who aren't trying to cheese it.