Sunday 22 November 2015

Warhammer 40,000 Open Day: Some Golden Space Marines Demon Entries

I have actually been painting things! They aren't quite finished yet, though, and I still have yet more pictures from the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day. This time around, it's from the Sunday, where I had a run down the Golden Demon cabinets to get some photos of some of the entries.

This is an awesome Blood Angels Terminator that was in the staff competition, painted by Lizzie from the Peterborough store. We'd chatted a bit in the queue to get in before it opened - all the Seminar tickets had run out on the Saturday, so I got up early to make sure I got some on the Sunday. My wife had sensibly decided she liked a lie in more than going to seminars...

One of the squad entries - I really like the massively contrasted red to white style - does anyone know what's it's called. I think it looks like a certain type of comic book, but I don't know if there's a name for it.

Here's an Ultramarines entry to the squad category.

Here's another Ultramarines squad - sadly let down by my awful lack of photography skills.

The vehicles section was heavily contested. This is, I think, the Warhammer World exclusive Land Raider model.

I love the brass they're putting on Space Wolf Dreadnoughts at the moment - it goes really well with the grey blue.

A Chaplain Dreadnought. Black is a hard colour, and they've done some interesting weathering on the base, too.

I have a lot of time for this sort of sea green colour.

Someone is showing off how posable the Contemptor kit is... Again, my awful photography letting down a well done model.

Here, the Contemptor's hand is resting on the scenery.

More Contemptors! This one with a lot of hand painted battle damage. The Contemptor is a good model for painters to show off their skills, so you see a lot of them in Golden Demon.

Fellblades are also popular - and they have big areas to show off things like weathering.

Another well painted Fellblade.

Murderfang, bless his cotton socks. I do like his skull mask.

Spartan Assault tank, and taking the opportunity to go White Scars and show off how well you can do white, which is a difficult colour to do.

On to the Young Blood category. These are all done by under 16s.

The skill with which some of these are put together is breathtaking considering the age of the competitors!

I certainly couldn't have freehanded the name as well as that at that age - I'd be hard pressed to do so now!

There's a lot of really good entries!

Even the "OKish" entries like this one are still really good. Very impressed with the standard of entry by the younger painters.

This diorama was in the open category. I really like it.

It shows a group of Dark Angels attacking some chaos forces.

There's tons of little details, like this chap with a censor near the bottom, coming of a door near a pool of stagnant water.

All the while, his colleague is racing ahead, probably to stop some evil ritual.

However, this was the winning Open entry. It's amazingly done. If my photography was up to scratch, you'd be able to see that there's little red reflections in things like the assault cannon barrels where the other Marines reflections would be. A really worthy winner, and worth finding a good picture of!