Sunday 1 November 2015

Warhammer 40,000 Open Day - Staff Armies

The Saturday of the Warhammer 40K Open Day had displays of some staff armies, which I took a few pictures of and I thought I'd share with you.

This is an awesome conversion of a Vampire Counts model (and I think some Dark Eldar bits) into an Adeptus Mechanicus model.

I totally need to own some Skitarii...

I love this little mini diorama with only two figures - you can still see the story.

This was a gorgeously weathered knight. I'm starting to think I need to pick one up.

I love the weird free hand banners in particular.

I'm planning some Iron Warriors, so I took a couple of photos here.

Sadly, it's hard to pick out the detail with so many very busy models!

There was a massive Eldar and Harlequin force too. This only gives a small impression of the scale of it.


  1. Holy cow, that knight is magnificent. It doesn't belong at a Games Workshop... it should be in an art gallery.

    1. There was an awful lot of excellent art on display - and some of it is definitely art.