Monday 13 June 2016

Battle Report: Malifaux, 50SS, Collodi vs Perdita

 During some holiday recently, I spotted a good friend who I've been meaning to play at Malifaux for forever was finally free for a game. He's playing Guild, I'm playing Neverborn, we use Gaining Grounds and we draw the Strategy for controlling table quarters. He confirms Perdita, I'm still using Collodi. With the four schemes above, I pick Hunting Party and Occupy Their Turf because Francisco Ortega looks like a beast and I don't fancy "A Quick Murder" because of that.

I start off with a bunch of push shenanigans because I had a hand of junk, and discarding for pushes seemed like an excellent idea.

The Brutal Effigy and Francisco potter up the board on his side - the models are painted really nicely!

My poor Changeling gets gunned down as I didn't quite understand how the height of cover works. Learning experience!

I push the Mysterious Emissary up and drop a double defensive on it so it can be a pain in the what's-name. My poor Teddy clearly needs some paint!

Teddy comes out to play. The Emissary soldiers on, healing damage through Hazardous Terrain, and getting stitched up by Collodi before finally going down after wasting a lot of the Guild's activations.

But is no match for the guns of the Guild.

Perdita, however, is caught out by quite how stabby Fast Marionettes are, and goes down while Francisco is Slow and I control his remaining activation. Shortly afterwards, Francisco goes down as well!

And yet, I lose badly! Why? Well, Hunting Party required Teddy and the Emissary to go hunt enemy Minions, but instead they got into a slug fest with Perdita and Francisco centre-field. They were able to plink off puppets, or let Granny Ortega do it off on the flank where I never took any photos! And I never made it anywhere near their deployment zone. I was always reacting to the scary Ortegas rather than having a plan to win the game.

So, a game that was great fun, and a massive reminder to me to play the mission if I want to win...

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