Monday 27 June 2016

Priorities, and a few more assembled figures

I've been doing a bunch of tidying up recently, not that you could tell from the state of my painting desk. Various bits and pieces I'm just never going to use are making their way to ebay, a whole bunch of old White Dwarf magazines have made it to archive boxes, and a lot of rubbish has made it to a bin.

But while all this good productive stuff has been going on, I've fallen further and further behind on reading blogs I nominally follow. I've also suffered the advent of referal link spam clogging up my stats to the point of them being useless. This means that I'm going to start having quite a serious purge of the blogs I follow, cutting back on all but a few of my favourites that I have time to read. I'd rather spend time on hobbying, getting my life in order and writing blog articles!

Sorry, soon to be unfollowed blogs - I don't hate you, I'm just not finding the time for everything I'd like.

I've still managed to get a few bits and bobs assembled and ready for undercoating. This one is a bit of a cheat, though! A good friend assembled him for me, so I just needed to sort the base. Well, would have if I hadn't been a klutz and managed to knock his axe off and had to reglue it - but I trust you all to pretend that didn't happen, right?

Meanwhile, we have the Merchant and the Scribe, who will probably be wizards in my pirate crew. Wait, I haven't told you about the pirate crew yet, have I? Well, on my project page, you will see a placeholder for "The Crew of the Lady of the Deep". I hope to add some more detail eventually! In short, a roving pirate crew for the forces of Order is the plan - a mix of human cut throats and aelf corsairs, with maybe a couple of other surprises here and there.

Next week, expect a battle report, as I plan to spend the weekend running around a campsite shooting Nerf guns at people - I won't get much hobby done because of that. Looking at what I've got on my table at the moment, my broad plan is to get my assembly down to one big project and one little project. As we get down to sensible assembly numbers again, I'll also pick up the paint brush again and start getting things finished as more things come in.

I have a few ideas about what to do next. I do want to blitz through various half completed jobs and various things from my 'triage' column (where I fiddle with stuff I commissioned the assembly). I'd also really like to hit the Fallen Angel project and get the Cypher formation done. There's also this year's Oldhammer Forum challenge I've got a figure for but not started! Getting a little progress on my Malifaux and Infinity figures is also a major goal.

You can see how it's easy for me to get carried away and start too many things at once. The key thing will be to pick one, work on it, and get it done, then start the next. Jumping between tons of different projects is what is resulting in very little getting finished!


  1. Good luck I am sure many of us struggle with too many projects etc....I try hard to go with the flow and allow myself to do what I enjoy. It is my hobby and nobody is really going to judge me😀

    1. Oh, absolutely. For me, to try and free myself up to go with the flow more, I'm trying not to get myself bogged down with tons of stuff I'm no longer enthused about. A bit of restraint about starting things should hopefully mean I get more stuff done. :)