Thursday 2 June 2016

WarhammerFest: Licensing Seminar - Computer Game Demos!

The WarhammerFest Licensing Seminars didn't seem quite as busy as the Forge World ones, which I didn't quite get, as there's a lot of really awesome computer games due soon.

First up is Eternal Crusade, a massive online third person shooter. It's currently on Steam early access, and the idea is that they'll run campaigns with you fighting for your faction to gain territory.

Released between me seeing this seminar and actually writing it up, we have Total War: Warhammer. With it being so close to release, we got to see a lot more of it!

It's pretty much everything you'd expect from a Total War game. It's based in the Old World, with the different races each having their own objectives in the campaign.

You also get monsters, flyers and spell casting.

During the FAQ, it was mentioned that downloadable expansions are intended to eventually deliver all the Warhammer races from 8th edition.

As a fan of old stuff, this was the point I lost my mind a little bit...

They were mostly showing concept art, as I don't think they'd announced that the Drachenfels expansion was coming at this point.

They apparently spent the time to go through all the source material on Drachenfels, both from the novel and mentions elsewhere, like the WFRP supplement.

It's a running around and stabbing Skaven game, but the nod to the old lore is really nice.

Blah, blah, some new weapons, stuff that you'd be interested in if you'd played the game already and weren't just freaking out over the idea of the Drachenfels lore being used again.

Inquisitor: Martyr is an action RPG that is being worked on. Here's a baddie.

They're intending for it to be a massive open world style game.

There were a lot of pictures and not much description of the game, but they did mention that the example character running around was what a late game Inquisitor would look like, and you'd start off much smaller.

There was some cool stuff about being able to use plasma guns to shoot through weak cover and stuff like that though!

Here's a different Inquisitor game! Eisenhorn: Xenos is going to be a pretty close rendition of the book, so it will be pretty linear, but you'll have the option to vary from the book in small ways at times.

There was then a presentation of Dark Future: Blood Red States. They asked us very nicely not to take photos of the presentation, which mostly consisted of some renders of some of the cars at a very early stage. It's still pre-Alpha.

It looks like they're staying true to the background - Elvis as a Bounty Hunter, Nelson Mandela as the pope. It's quite an irreverent alternate history. Apparently James Swallow will be helping with the background writing.

You'll see all the traditional stuff - machine guns, mines, ramming. They're using the Unreal Engine. You don't drive the cars yourself, but you're an agency boss giving orders to your drivers. It'll be a real time game where you pause to give orders. It'll be out around the end of the year.