Tuesday 5 July 2016

Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar (playing the wife at 40K at Warhammer World)

My wife is very wise. When we needed to travel back from Sheffield to London, she pointed out that Nottingham wasn't all that far out of the way. The challenge was laid down with her taking her Dark Eldar for a spin, while I got to use various of my new Guard units I've had painted recently.

We did have a little bit of a miscommunication, as she brought the last army she fought with at 750 points, while I brought 1500 points... Oops! Fortunately, we noticed before we started playing, she found a few more models at the bottom of her case, and I dropped a couple of things out.

Deployed in the centre were my Praetorians, painted ably by Pirate Viking Painting.

The Rogue Painter got my Armoured Sentinels done, and was good enough to get poached by Siege Studios.  They held the right flank (using Overlords objective cards as objective markers).

The Praetorians advanced into the centre, aiming for the objective by the bunker. The Guard managed to get a bit of an early lead on objectives, claiming a few points.

But the Dark Eldar advanced back, and it wasn't going to go well for the Guard.

The Vendetta roared on, destroying the Raider on the right flank along with the Armoured Sentinels.

As you may guess, a short while later, the Praetorian line infantry weren't with us any more...

The command Chimera on the left flank got smoked, with the command crew bailing out.

The centre was looking remarkably shaky with the loss of the main infantry.

 The Kabalite Trueborn flanked the left flank infantry platoon, raining down death on them.

The command section is over-run, wiped out to a man without a chance to run.

And soon, the army warlord is under siege. The Command HQ wasn't going to hold out for long...

The infantry are dropping like flies all over the battlefield, but the Guard had picked up an early lead with objectives and the Dark Eldar were catching up fast.

For turn after turn, the Dark Eldar tried to wreck the Leman Russ.

With little to lose, it tried to make them flee with a tank shock, but it wasn't to be...


Even the anti tank far out on the right flank was getting run down. But security was starting to look at us funny because everyone else had gone home, and we had to pack up in a hurry!

In the end, Sim sort of won 8-7, because I'd forgotten to move my flier to claim an objective, but she graciously let me count it, bringing the score to an 8-8 draw. There was mayhem, there was carnage, and it was excellent fun. It really didn't matter who won, because I was playing a fun game of 40K with someone awesome...


  1. Very nice to see all those classic guard on the table. Sounds like a fun game too. How to convince my own wife to wargame with me...? Hrm...

    1. Well, Sim was painting when I met her and got me back into the hobby. She was painting some Dark Eldar and decided to get a few models to play with to show off her commission painting and found out she enjoyed it!

      Find out what your wife enjoys and play that with her! That might be board games, or casual card games, or some type of war game. You can't make someone like a thing, but if you try different things, you might find something you both enjoy.

  2. Nice game. She won, she was just being nice to you....

    1. Absolutely. She beat me fair and square - but she's also always right, so we drew. ;)