Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year, Old Year

This year has not been a busy one on the painting front. With a lot of my time taken up with Empire LRP, wargaming has taken the back foot a little. Add to that my getting an excellent amount of Infinity gaming in (in the form of a League and several tournaments), and the painting has really suffered.

In all, I've only managed to get ten things painted this year - and two of those were these simple bits of Reaper Bones scatter terrain!

The clutter problem is really not sorted, and that's a major obstacle - getting to the painting desk is a major faff, so less is getting done.

Malifaux took a bit of a back seat, despite me finally getting Teddy painted. Still, I'll try and get a game or two in this year as well! Infinity will continue to be a big thing for me, and hopefully I'll get less scared of it and get some paint on some models sharpish.

There's still an Infinity tournament and the end of the HATE Infinity League to blog up, so I'll be pushing to get those blog posts written up and out as soon as I can.

I'm semi seriously considering the #painting365 challenge, where you try and get 365 miniatures painted in a year. It'll be an improvement on 10! In any event, the main focus will be on actually achieving the decluttering this year, rather than faffing about and not really making a dent in it!