Monday 30 July 2018

Infinity Tournament: St Albans Smackdown III

So, a short while ago I and a couple of the other members of HATE headed up to St Albans for "St Albans Smackdown III". I was rocking my usual Corregidor and aiming to get two wins out of three games - historically I usually get a win and two losses, and I'm just trying to edge my game up to that second win.

First up, I was playing The Gungrave in a Corredigor mirror match, with the mission being Acquisition. Well, I say mirror. More "beautifully painted Corregidor against unpainted Corregidor". I have a plan to deal with that so I won't dwell on it further.

I had some pretty poor luck in addition to being outplayed. The combination of the two didn't do well for me. My 3 person Mobile Brigada link lost the HMG to two failures with me at optimum range and the target well otu of it. So frustrating!

Meanwhile, the Gungrave was running an Alguacile link with missile launcher and Lupe, who did some real work. He meticulously took me apart.

A bit too meticulously, in fact! Putting me into retreat, he wasn't able to move up to score, leaving us tied for the game, due to a retreating prone bandit holding a crate. A 2-2 draw, which for a short moment we thought I'd won until we realised the Gungrave was unintentionally securing the HVT. I had a mere 57 points alive at the end of the game. Brutal!

Next up, I played a local, Nog, who was running Steel Phalanx. He won the Lieutenant roll, and as the mission was Frontline, chose to go second. It was a really good solid "back and forth" firefight, with both of us challenged for most of the game, but in the end, the second turn advantage helped him get the game. While I had slightly more points surviving (a difference of only 14 points), he was controlling all three zones for a solid 9-0 defeat on objective points.

And finally, a nice simple Firefight against Jerp, who was running vanilla Haqqislam.

This game could roughly be summed up as "I still don't know how to deal with Fidays". A boarding shotgun ruined the Wildcat link, and I never really recovered.

Even bringing on a Spitfire Hellcat was ineffective, as Tarik took all the shots into his back, turned around and crit the Hellcat off the table. If anyone has any good anti Fiday advice, it would be much appreciated. I took a thorough 10-0 drubbing with only 52 points left on the table.

Ooft. Aiming for two wins, and only a single draw to show for it. Still, everyone I played was lovely, and it was good to meet a new Infinity scene. Team HATE went for a pub dinner afterwards once we found somewhere without too many football fans in. I was feeling a bit demoralised, but we had a good chat about the wider Infinity meta and future plans.


  1. Replies
    1. Absolutely. My unpainted troops were standing out a bit, so I have a cunning plan to get that fixed...

  2. I'm aiming to get into infinity myself (lots hoarded, little painted!) so your blog is inspiring as, and don't take this the wrong way, you don't win every time so it's accessible to normal gamers!

    1. That's reassuring to hear. I'm lucky to have a really strong local community so there's a lot to learn from. If you're not losing games, you're not learning as much.