Tuesday 7 August 2018

Weren't you moving house?

Yes, dear reader, as I mentioned before, I am totally moving house. Above, you can see the hobby desks taking shape in the new flat. I'm super excited. We'll be moving pretty soon, and everything is starting to come together.

Apparently, in order to move house, you need to put your stuff in boxes. This has meant addressing the pile of junk in the room, namely the dining room table, or "hobby table". It's been a bit of a state...

Making it back as far as the painting area itself, I found goodness knows how many half done projects. You can see some part painted Anvil Industry female zombies I grabbed as a quick paint job several months ago...

As I tidied things into boxes for transport, I realised that there are a lot of old projects I may not be in love with any more, and my priorities may have shifted. I think part of the unpacking process is going to need to include a bit of a frank assessment of priorities as well...

One reassuring thing is that as I was packing up, I found a few of my Infinity miniatures who'd taken a knock in transport at some point. It was actually easier for me to quickly add glue and repair them before packing them away, as it reduced the risk of my losing bits.

Oh my goodness, did it feel good to get any kind of hobby done, even if it was repairing three or four figures that needed an errant part re-attaching. I had forgotten how rewarding it is to get a bit of hobby work done! Rest assured that as soon as we're landed in the new place, there's going to be some hobby pretty early on!


  1. Oh dear. What you need is a plan. No, not that one, that changes every time another thought intrudes. You need a written plan which you then have to follow (you could include rewards for the milestones if it helps).

    1. The current plan mostly consists of "move house". If I do enough hobby that I'm late with the packing, I'll definitely be in the dog house. ;)

  2. Good luck with the move!
    I recently moved too, and did a similar thing, went through a pretty large cull of projects and stuff, and feel a lot better for it :)

    1. Suddenly finding large boxes of minis you'd kind of forgotten about is a significant motivation to start clearing out!