Monday 27 August 2018

Druze Bayram Security - and some Mercenary friends

With ITS Season 10 due soon, and my painting held up in turn by a messy painting area and a house move, I decided to farm out the job of getting my Druze Bayram Security painted up for the table. I mentioned this, and Aodhan from my local club offered to do it as he's taking commissions. I'm massively pleased with the results.

In terms of prioritising miniatures, I asked Aodhan to paint what I already had assembled at the time! This mostly means I've now got a full Druze Core Fireteam painted, along with Saito Togan and some Bashi Bazouks. More models will follow in time, but these are figures I'm pretty confident will get taken often.

Process wise, I knew I wanted the figures to look like they were operating in a near future city at night, bathed in neon. Aodhan used a couple of test figures and tried a few different techniques before settling on the one used here (ironically, pretty much the first one we tried).

I'd also picked up a few mercenaries for Soldiers of Fortune, which conveniently will also work for the Ikari company in the future, and as I didn't have any other Druze models assembled at the time, I sent those over for a nice paint job as well.

The nice simple paint job really accentuates even these older Yuan Yuan sculpts. I particularly like the sword Yuan Yuan, and I think Aodhan really liked her as well.

I'd also found a pack of the "fat Yuan Yuan" models - a limited edition sculpt based on an old in joke between Corvus Belli and the fans. So, they also went over to get painted up.

The biggest challenge was the one still landing his jet pack, as the flame jet needed to still work with the bright neon.

As it was, I think Aodhan did an excellent job getting the extra light source to work. This shot aso demonstrates the way the fire arc markers are working as well.

So, my first Infinity models fully painted, and I'm looking forward to getting some games in with them! I can defintely recommend hiring Aodhan if you want some of your models commission painted.


  1. Always loved that kickin' ninjaery bloke.

    1. He's definitely a Marmite model! I like him, but I also know people who can't stand the pose...

    2. Pah ! What do they know ?...........

  2. You might say they're simple paint jobs but they are very effective, smashing colours :-)

  3. Yeah, I’m loving the impact they have on the table.