Thursday 23 August 2018

Old Warhammer World Photos: Fantasy Village

Back in 2013, I went up to an open day at Warhammer World, and at one point went around taking a bunch of modelling reference photos of some of the various gaming tables they have up there. I've been doing a bit of maintenance on old folders and found these during the clear out, and thought people might be interested.

This set of photos is of a fantasy village table, intended for gaming. What I loved about it was that they'd just used the standard kits of the time and painted them well to give a very different feel to the usual box art.


  1. Upvote for Oldhammer ! Oh wait, wrong platform...

    1. I do need to some more Oldhammer style stuff soon!

  2. Lovely, simple village. It actually looks fairly achievable as well. Not some ridiculous fantasy that a lone gamer would never be able to build.