Thursday 6 September 2018

Old Warhammer World Photos: City Fight Table Part 2

Back in 2013, I went up to an open day at Warhammer World, and at one point went around taking a bunch of modelling reference photos of some of the various gaming tables they have up there. I've been doing a bit of maintenance on old folders and found these during the clear out, and thought people might be interested.

These are the second half of the city fight table photos, and the last of the photos taken on this trip. I hope you liked them and they provided some inspiration for future projects!


  1. Post move I should keep digging through my old photos and see what else I didn’t publish!

    1. OK, that sounds good, looking forward to that.

  2. Still more great stuff! I think my fave this time is that spiral staircase. Might have to steal that idea at some point here. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. No worries. There’s just so many good ideas!

  4. Some lovely stuff in there. Definitely keep digging!