Monday 3 December 2018

Getting some paint on some terrain, and the Third Offensive

I had a strong ambition this weekend to get a whole bunch of scenery painted so I'd have got some of my own painting finished. However, I'd sort of forgotten this thing called "real life" and I had a whole bunch of unpacking, chores and tidying to do.

Among the areas in need of a tidy was the painting area itself. Getting it a little more in order has definitely helped me field like I can sit down and get on with painting something and dip in and out of some painting.

I managed to miss some spots on the undercoat on most of the Ryza ruins, so touched that up with a brush before hitting the two hatches with a quick heavy drybrush and wash while they dried. I was following the Games Workshop YouTube tutorial for the ruins, just picking my own colours and doing a couple of extra stages of drybrush to give greater contrast.

On the Infinity front, my Third Offensive book arrived. This is the latest supplement for Infinity from Corvus Belli. It is an interesting change in approach by CB. It includes hardly any actual rules at all - it provides details of the availability and fireteams of the new and updated armies, and the latest special skills - but that's it. All the points and profiles were simply updated online, and not included in the book.

Instead, the book contains a whole raft of beautifully illustrated background. It again moves on the setting campaign, explains the background reason for some of the current campaign season focus and provides more detail on the background of the new army lists.

I'm still reading through it at the moment - it feels like something to savour and read slowly rather than blitz through looking for the new rules.

I'd been hoping to have gotten a bit more painting done before my Made to Order Beasts of Chaos stuff showed up. I didn't want much - the metal Warhounds and the standard bearer is all I've picked up - but it's another six on the queue. And the optimistic hope of getting the ten pieces of Ryza ruins finished this weekend hasn't quite come to pass. Hopefully with getting in some painting most nights over the week, I'll make some better progress!

Painted: 30
Bought: -26

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