Monday 29 October 2018

Post Move Mayhem

Current state of Hobby Room

I'm pleased to report that we've moved into the new flat, so all we need to do is unpack!

My computer is still packed up, but I've managed to use my phone to update my "On the Desk" page and write this post.


Unsurprisingly, nothing new is painted yet, and the expected slip in the "paint 2, buy 1" rule has happened to make sure I get all my Druze ready for the upcoming tournaments. I also won an HVT model in the Infinity League.

So, purchased or won this week:
  • Limited Edition Wardriver
  • Tsyklon Sputniks
  • Peacemaker and Auxbot
  • Bagh-Mari Sniper (to use as a Brawler Sniper)
  • 4 Dronbots
  • Hunzakut
  • Valerya Gromoz
  • Druze Shock Team box
  • Bounty Hunter with Combi
  • Kaplan Tactical Services w/ Spitfire
That's 19 models in the hole - so 38 models to paint to get back on track! Still, I've sent off another batch of Druze to my painter so that should get me a bit back on track, and I hear my goblins are progressing well too!


  1. It's always good to inform your long term planning....

    1. It’ll get sorted reasonably soon once the unpacking is done.