Monday 28 October 2019

Beginning the journey to Purge the Pit

With Purge the Pit in December I worked out I needed to get about fifteen models painted, and I had three free weekends to get it done. Currently I'm a "little" behind that curve with one model painted rather than five, but I'm sure I'll catch up.

This little fellow is a converted mutant I made years ago. The white undercoat was really thin so I re-undercoated him in Grey Seer and quickly went to work with contrast paints. I added some dry-brushing to add extra texture, and played around a little with washes. I feel like I've got a better idea of how this will go together now, so hopefully the next models will be a little quicker.

I also got a bunch of models undercoated. I've not bothered to take photos of all of them as it's not hugely pertinent, but in particular, the four Shasvastii I assembled a while ago are now ready for paint.

I also undercoated the Grey Seer for my Skaven and the three Malifaux figures that I had assembled. With the weather the way it is, I suppose you take the opportunities you have!

I also finished assembling this adorable little sweetums, and got him undercoated as well - though I don't have an undercoated photo of him.

I'm mostly assembled on the mimic, too, but it does need some basing sand.

I spent my Sunday afternoon at HATE again, assembling more Shasvastii. I got the Shrouded and the Gwailo done, but no pictures yet. The Gwailo was relatively complex, with six pieces, so it took a bit longer to do. The Shrouded was only four pieces, but the joints were nowhere near as well fitting as the others, so there were a lot of swears, and I badly bent it twice trying to get it together.

Once they've had some basing sand, they should be good for the undercoating queue.

I'm a bit down on myself because I got five models assembled the last time I was at HATE on Sunday, and only two this time. That's mostly because the last set of figures were much easier than these ones. What it comes down to is that I under-estimated the amount of work they'd take, rather than that I did less work - but seeing less of a result is annoyingly disheartening.

I'm spending next weekend running around doing escape rooms, so I won't get much hobby done. Hopefully I'll find the time during the week to schedule up some posts of a battle report or something on the Monday instead.

I'll do an end of month round up on progress the following Monday.

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