Monday 18 November 2019

A busy couple of weeks

So, I've had a couple of weekends since my last hobby update, so how have things been? The original plan was one weekend for painting and one for things to do, but that got rather stymied by a request to spend a weekend re-sorting the eBay pile.

Still, I managed to settle down on Saturday morning and get three of my Inquisition nearly done - there's just a few details and finishing up the bases to go. With me off at a LARP next weekend, I've got one weekend to get it all done. Achievable, but *internal screaming*.

My Ikari came back from my commission painter and I decided on a whim to take them to the St Albans Smackdown tournament. I threw a couple of lists together and took one to the club to practice on Wednesday. Poor shrikeh got demolished by Yuan Yuans and we called it part way through my second turn with two Druze left able to move.

Sadly, that used up all my skill and luck for the tournament itself! I managed to come dead last after three losses. It was a lot of fun, but for my next tournament, I'm definitely practicing to try and do better! The odd loss isn't a problem, but consistent loss drains your enthusiasm for playing.

Then, on Sunday, HATE had a bring and buy. So I dragged a bunch of stuff down to the club and spent a few hours parting people from their cash. Taking into account the cost of the taxis to get me there and back, I just about broke even. When it happens again, I'll only take enough to take on the bus. The extra stuff really didn't merit the taxi fares.

As expected, November's White Dwarf had new Inquisition rules. And as I feared for Purge the Pit, there were points drops on some of the units I'd taken. Inquisition flamers and the Jokaero both got a chunky price cut meaning there was a need for me to find more models to paint . . . or was there?

With 25 points to spend, I decided that rather than make things harder for myself, I would use the model I'd planned to use as a Primaris Psyker as a Daemonhost, and in turn, give the model James painted for me to round out the warband. An extra model, but no extra painting.

There's a busy couple of weeks to come, so the blog may be a little quieter than it's been. December (after the first weekend) is pretty quiet, then busy again between January and April. I think maybe a little too busy. So, for the future . . . perhaps leaving a little more time for me, rather than over-committing due to the fear of missing out.


  1. Blimey that is a busy couple of weeks

    1. It is! I've actually now dropped out of Purge the Pit for the sake of not wiping myself out.