Monday 11 November 2019

October painting and hobby review

With October down and into November, lets check how I'm doing with my quarterly hobby targets. I finished up the Dreadmere Mercenaries for Reaper Bones as one of my palette cleanser quick paints.

I finished the Skaven test paints, so that's one of my additional goals done. This also took me over the target number of models for the month complete, so I've hit my quarterly goal in the first month! Everything now is a bonus.

James from Gonzo History Gaming painted this psyker for me, though I have not counted him in my own painting totals.

I also complete the first of my Purge the Pit models, although I really should have got about five done to have a steady rate of painting between starting the Purge the Pit project and the event itself. Whoops! I guess I'll be painting quite a bit more Inquisition over November.

Q4 Goal

  • Paint 6 models
Q4 Stretch Goals

  • Finish Skaven test paints
  • Assemble 10 Malifaux models - IN PROGRESS
  • Paint 10 Malifaux Models
  • Clean and paint club terrain crates
  • Assemble and Paint Diehard Miniatures Undead
  • Paint Purge the Pit force - IN PROGRESS
  • Order Organiser
  • Infinity MDF Case

The main priority for November is obviously Purge the Pit so I can take an all new force painted for the event. Any painting outside that is likely to be to break up the painting - but they're all pretty different figures so I'm not too worried about getting fed up with painting the same thing over and over.

In a slight change of direction, the Games Workshop Christmas previews showed a Skaven Battleforce that's basically everything I wanted to get next . . . but I really can't justify that without getting the existing Skaven I have painted. So maybe around Purge the Pit I can get some Skaven assembled? But I'm going to be strict with myself and not abandon assembling the Malifaux models first.

So, next month I need to paint more than I managed this month to be ready for Purge the Pit. It's time to really up my game!

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