Monday 25 November 2019

A gentle Monday of painting

My dearly beloved pointed out my painting area had become a bit of a mess and stepping back a moment, I realised she was completely right! Rather than just put everything away, I decided to use my post LARP recovery Monday afternoon finishing off small bits and pieces and putting them away as I completed each in turn.

Given how worn out I am, I've decided to give Purge the Pit a miss. This makes me sad, but wiping myself out isn't really the smartest of moves.

This Kum biker was commission painted, but unfortunately took a little knock in the post and lost his right arm. His paint job still needs a little touch up, but that can be a future job as he's now usable on the table.

This Yuan Yuan was a model I forgot should only be air dropped in the narrative of the games, not in real life. She's now been reattached to her base and her drop wings put back on. I'm not planning on playing more Ikari any time in the immediate future, but she can go into a case and be ready to play.

I finished up the Jokaero. All that really needed doing was finishing up the base and fixing the eyes.

Inquisition flamey minion is done - again, another one just waiting for a base that was an easy win.

And the other flamey boi was also just waiting for a base. Now I have a bunch of Inquisitorial trouble I should try them out in a game of 40K at some point. Not sure when I'll fit it in, though - I need to remember not to over-commit again!

I also finished up assembling Miss Deed for my Malifaux crew. Not super exciting, but its another step towards being able to play Malifaux!


  1. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon ;0)

  2. Why tidy when you can paint.......nice work 👍

    1. As I finished up projects, I put them and their associated paints away - so really, it was doing both!