Monday 6 July 2020

Not Easy Being Green

I was re-reading Secrets of the Void's Black Legion Tutorial trying to decide if I should use it to paint Anvilgard, Deathwatch, Ebon Chalice or some combination of those, when the thought came to me "does this work for other colours?"

The Otherworld Miniatures Dryad I picked up when this whole nonsense started was perfect for this. I painted Dark Angels Green up from the bottom, and Warp Lightning down from the top, letting it mix a bit in the middle. While that dried, I took the picture above. I then gave it a good drybrush of Hellion Green and started picking out the detail.

This is how she turned out. The sandals, torcs, belt and eyes got a base of other colours to have them stand out from the rest of the model. Almost all of them then had a contrast colour applied over the top. The flesh got a coat of Plaguebearer Flesh, while the dress got a coat of Warp Lightning.

To finish up, I picked out a few points on the face as if it was a normal human face, just with a pale green, and added a highlight on the hair, as the brown coat over the green contrast and drybrush didn't have enough variation between the light and dark points.

A quick bit of basing, and she was done.

I added quite a few plants onto her base, because I thought it was a good idea. She's turned out pretty well, although I don't really have any idea what I'll use her for..


  1. That's a really nice result, sir!

    1. I'm really pleased with how she turned out. I'm going to mess about with the technique a bit more, I think.