Friday 3 July 2020

Second Quarter Painting Review

Halfway through the year, and it's a good point to take stock. How are we doing on the goals?

  • Paint more than I buy
Painted: 56
Purchased: 353

Well, fuck.

(At the end of the last quarter, I was at 99. The big offenders here were the Malifaux sale, getting a bunch of minis to promote small companies, deciding to grab a GW thing that was going out of print, the next batch of my Combined project and Operation: Kaldstrom for Infinity.)

  • Paint 60 models this year
Up to 56, so going strong here! There have been admittedly a couple of "cheap wins" with some pre-coloured terrain, but they still take time to do and are completed hobby projects, so I'm not worried about that.

I also spent a whole bunch of time assembling and prepping miniatures this month, as you might have picked up from the amount of WiP shots I've been putting up on the blog. I'm looking forward to settling down and really plugging through getting some models painted in the coming months, as there's tons ready to go.

The Shelf of Shame isn't looking terrible. Plenty of things are getting crossed out. And five things on it are already assembled and undercoated and ready to go.

I've also completed an Otherworld Miniatures model this month, but I'll be showing her off on Monday.

Looking forward, there are a few things I know I'll be picking up - Infinity N4 will doubtless have a pre-order miniature, for example. But I'm going to try and make sure I both sell things out of my stash and have painted stuff before investing in anything new.

Lets see how well that goes this time, shall we?


  1. Paint more than you buy! lol, at least you're honest. I've actually learned to 'not see' my shelf of shame now. My eyes just sort of slide over it.

    1. Given the small size of our flat, and this is how bad it gets when I'm keeping an eye on it . . .