Wednesday 1 July 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday: Shasvastii (Mostly)

Just before lockdown, I sent off all the Combined Army and O-12 models I had to my assembly guy so he had plenty to be getting on with. They recently got back to me, and once I'd based them and done a quick zenithal undercoat on them, I thought I'd share what's coming up for the Shasvastii.

First up is the "Beyond Coldfront" models. Now available as the Combined Army Action Pack, it rounds out a 10 model starter Infinity force with the special character Sheskiin, a Malignos with Boarding Shotgun and a Caliban with Spitfire.

I'm intending for most of my Shasvastii to just be the new sculpts. But I did also pick up a few of the older models where I knew I might want to run two of, to give me the option of different sculpts. Centre, we have the Speculo Killer, who can even deploy within your opponent's deployment zone, pretending to be a friendly civilian. The other two are Noctifers. The missile launcher profile is particularly infamous in Infinity for it's ability to deploy hidden and then interrupt a move with a missile at the Least Convenient Moment.

I mean, there's never a convenient moment to be shot at by a missile, but right as you and your buddies are all moving through a choke point is less convenient than many other potential times.

The Cadmus drop trooper on the left I picked up as part of the "Advance Pack" with the order. He's now out retail, which gives away that maybe I could have waited. Meanwhile, spooky and brooding on the right is a Combined Army civilian, used in the game as a High Value Target for certain missions.

And finally, we have the Spec Ops. The more Infinity - aware of you will notice that one of them isn't a Shasvastii! I picked up Treitak Anyat, the Morat Spec Op in the centre in a cheap deal, and I thought I might as well get her assembled and undercoated to paint as a little side project. We then have Corax Hasht, who is slightly less punchy than Sheskiin, and a generic Spec Ops who is an excellent model to proxy stuff that hasn't been released yet.

While I get the Wildfire box painted up and then move onto these, I've got my next batch off with my assembly guy. In particular, I've grabbed the key Doctor-Engineer model you need to get models back up again, and an assortment of the support remotes that are the majority of your cheap troops in the Shasvastii force. I threw in a couple of the newer Shasvastii releases as well, just so I don't fall behind.

Getting this lot based and undercoated took up a bit of time I could have been spent painting, but there's no longer any steps dependent on the weather until they need varnishing left.

Hope you enjoyed a peak at what's coming up on my paint table.


  1. Always watching, even if I don't always comment.

    Liking the zenethal highlighting.

    1. Good to hear from you! Hope you're enduring lockdown OK.

      The zenithal is really good with the new contrast stuff as them being quite translucent means it really adds to the effect.