Wednesday 26 August 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday - Heresy Miniatures Inspectors

Continuing through the various minis I've got prepped and ready for painting, these are some Inspectors by Heresy Miniatures.

If you followed the link or know the Heresy range, you'll notice that there's only four of the five here. I have no idea why, either. I've since ordered the missing one and got him off to be assembled in the meantime.

I'm planning on using these models to test a super quick blue and gold scheme for my O-12. I reckon they'll look really good in it!

If you can, please do pop over to the Heresy Miniatures site and see if anything takes your fancy. The world is still in quite a state and the small businesses will appreciate whatever help you can send their way.


  1. Love these models. Got a set that I plan to integrate into a little landing bay scene at some point.