Monday, 30 November 2020

Painting some more Bad Squiddo Miniatures

I finished off some Bad Squiddo Games miniatures over the weekend. Some friends had set up a Saturday evening crafting Zoom call so I got to chat to people while I painted, which meant I got a bunch more done than I usually do.

The first was Chu'mana, a Snake Lady / Lizard Lady from the fantasy range. She was painted with mostly contrast and dry brushing, which these figures really lend themselves to.

I also got SOE Annie as a freebie in an order a while back. She's modelled on the owner of Bad Squiddo. Here, I painted her in contrast first, blacked in a couple of voids, and blended Kislev Flesh Air for the skin tones. I don't normally paint historical style models, so it was fun to do something different.


  1. I like these models. Great work on the painting.

    1. I really like the Bad Squiddo range for the clean, easy to paint sculpts they do.