Tuesday 27 April 2021

Is This Thing On? Running an Infinity Tournament

On Sunday, I ran a small Infinity tournament online using Tabletop Simulator. We just had four players, but that was fine to get a good understanding of how everything works without too much being at stake.

We didn't have too many issues, but getting in three games in a single day online was hard work! I gave people two and a half hours per game, which worked fine. No-one really went over time at all.

I've had a long weekend booked off for a cancelled event which I decided to take anyway. The plan was to get a ton of painting done, but it seems like I mostly ended up sorting things out around the flat. And, you know, running a tournament.

It was surprisingly tiring! I wandered into different games to keep track of what was happening, and it turns out watching Infinity can be as mentally draining as playing... It was good fun, though, and I'll definitely organise some more in future.


  1. Those pics look great. I'm glad someone is keeping the fires of gaming burning during the pandemic. I miss wargaming. Roleplaying is a good stopgap, but there's no substitute for a good donnybrook!

    1. The online games tools are definitely marmite for people. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some toy soldiers back on a table in person once it's safe.