Wednesday 14 April 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday - Gnoll Tracker and Friends

I picked up a bunch of metal Frostgrave gnolls from the Bad Squiddo bargain bin ages back. Then a while back, I got them back from my assembly guy. I've only just started finishing up sorting out the basing mixture so they're ready for painting.

This is a gnoll tracker. Due to his unusual pose I needed to put him on a larger base than usual, but I rather like it. When he's alongside the hyenas, he blends in with them a bit. It's a really nice touch.

And here are some hyenas. One came with the tracker and one came separately. I'll paint them up together so they match.

There's a bunch more gnolls who just need their bases finishing up and I'll have a whole bunch more, but I only had this one finished and ready for photography at time of writing . . .


  1. Looking forward to seeing the final results!
    I'm glad that Frostgrave gave gnolls the profile they deserve, because they often get overshadowed.
    Gnolls: the other white meat.

    1. They're such a good baddie. I'm also very fond of the take that Keith Baker took on them in "Exploring Eberron".