Monday 5 April 2021

Success and failure all at the same time

My goal for March was to get a small bunch of Shasvastii painted. They're not done. Whoops. Still, the start of my White Company arrived from White Weasel painting studio, and they look gorgeous.

I did get a few models I should have finished ages ago finished instead. But the whole idea of this month was to try and focus on projects rather than the side stuff.

So, the goal for April is going to be focussing on finishing things up. I've got a huge pile of half assembled stuff sitting, and the Shasvastii have been started, just not finished.

If I do particularly well, I'll look at getting an Underworlds warband painted as well, but that's definitely a bonus rather than something I'll aim to definitely complete.

I may try and do the odd individual model here and there as well, but I'm less concerned about that this month. Really want to get these Shasvastii done!

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