Monday 23 August 2021

A short update

Well, it turns out that the overly optimistic tidying plan was pretty catastrophic on my blogging schedule. Things are all back in boxes now, in a bit better order. There's still some stuff to sort, but that's in one place and I'm pretty happy I know where it's all at.

I've been Outside, going to a friend's wedding. It was pretty exhausting. I'm planning on not really doing more than one tournament a quarter while I get used to human interaction again, and have signed up to a big Malifaux tournament in November.

Of course, when I did this I hadn't realised they had a minimum painting standard, and I can't just run the bare plastic I had assembled, so it looks like I've got another deadline. That's the Stormcast on the back burner and Malifaux to the top of the pile.

My neon NA2 forces for Infinity have had some reinforcements back from my new commission painter. I need to do some organising of those photos but will get them up on the blog soon. I've also signed up to an "in person" league with my Dahshat, as I don't have quite all the right pieces assembled for my Shasvastii to play in person just yet. (I mean, I have enough models painted for a legal force, but I'm missing some pieces I want to use, so am going to wait for them to get done.)

All in all, things are pretty OK, just not really interesting stuff to blog. Hopefully that'll change in the coming weeks...

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