Thursday 14 April 2022

Deathwatch: Characters

I sent a small batch of Space Marine characters I had picked up from a bunch of different places to Squiggle's Studio to give me some more options for army building once I start playing my Deathwatch.

First up is a Captain and a Watch Master - I got the Captain cheap off someone who wasn't using him, and the Watch Master discounted from a shop that was closing. I don't know which leadership options are best for Deathwatch, so they're some good options to try out.

Two Lieutenants - one limited edition, one from one of the Partwork magazines. A lot of Deathwatch get to naturally do the thing Lieutenants give a bonus to, so I don't think they'll get used all that often, but there may be some smart uses for them.

Both from Partwork magazines, the Chaplain and the Phobos Librarian are a couple of nice themed heroes that clearly Do Stuff that I need to Learn.

It'll still be a while before I get some games in - I'm not comfortable with being inside with other people for any length of time unless I have to right now. Still, they can all go away in their box until it's time to learn the game.

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