Monday 11 April 2022

Nothing finished, but plenty of progress

With Empire LRP now less than two weeks away, a bunch of my time is now taken up in digging out my old kit, making sure it's all sorted, and getting packed. Still, despite that, I've managed to get a bunch of miniature painting hobby done anyway!

The last of the Reaper Bones USA figures is now ready for paint. This is an adorable Gnoll Pirate, who I love.

A bunch more of the colours are now blocked in on the Shasvastii Noctifer.

The Sensible Shoes Magic User is nearly done! It's just simple contrast paints, but I'm particularly pleased with how I blocked in the lantern glass.

I also started on these rats from Fenris Games. I went with a Cygor Brown pass, but it went a bit to dark, so I drybrushed them Karak Stone, then took another pass with Fireslayer Flesh. I think they're looking pretty good now. Not much left to do - drop in the faces and bases and they'll likely be done.

The Combined Army from Defiance came back from assembly. The Gwailo and Charontid lost an arm each in transit, but both are super easy fixes. With a bunch of Shasvastii to finish basing and undercoating before this lot, while I also try and blitz through all the undercoated models that I've had more than a year - I think I'm going to have plenty to be painting once I get back from Empire!

I also got some more Fenris Games models back from Brushchewer Inc this week, so expect to see them up on the blog some time in the next couple of weeks...

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