Friday 1 April 2022

Painting Complete: Ninja!

I've just finished painting this ninja model I've had lying around the hobby bench for ages. You've probably seen it hanging around in the background of a ton of my work in progress shots. It's was a tricky model to get right, and I kept being not quite happy with it turned out, so I never quite declared it "done". I'm pretty happy now, though, so am declaring this ninja fully painted and moving on to the next painting project.


I know, it's a stupid joke, but it cheered me up a little bit, and maybe it made someone else who needed it smile today.


  1. I did wonder what that model in the background was! I see you've gone for a camouflage theme. Maybe I should do the same with that model poltergeist I've got somewhere - just as soon as I've worked out where I put it...