Wednesday 8 March 2023

Expanding my Pre-Painted Wizkids Collection

This order was basically caused by the Elder Black Pudding miniature. I'd forgotten, when I bought the normal Black Pudding miniature that it comes in three different sizes and certain types of attack can cause it to split into two smaller monsters. Wizkids don't make the smallest of them, but Reaper do. I've got those on order, but Wizkids do make the even bigger Black Pudding, but it came out quite a while ago so I ordered one straight away as I'm not sure how easy they are to find now.

It's a pretty big model - it's got the space to be surrounding a 40mm based creature, provided that creature is relatively short.

Most actual Large, 40mm based models will end up being just too tall to fit into the gap, but it's a nice feature for when it will actually work.

"I may as well get a few extra minis while I'm paying for postage", I thought. So I got two more Chwingas, this time the snow versions from the Icewind Dale release, and a Boggle. I also got a Displacer Beast Kitten because HOW COULD YOU NOT??

Browsing the Pathfinder models, I spotted the Cacodemon as a uniquely Pathfinder low level Wizkids miniature that wasn't absolutely awful from a looks point of view. The pre-painted line is super hit and miss (avoid anything with a weapon that's meant to be straight. It won't be), but the materials and paint jobs they use seem to be pretty good for see through stuff, and organic but unnatural stuff.

On the subject of awful miniatures... I'm really not a fan of this "Vampiric Mist" but I was reading a low level adventure I'm thinking of running at some point, and came across an encounter with one... And while I am not a fan of the model, I simply haven't seen a better option for that concept, so I picked it up as a cheap placeholder until I find something I like better...


  1. If you're having issues with noodle swords and such, applying heat and cold will sort that out. A heatgun or hairdryer might work, but I use a brief dip of the out of shape part in freshly boiled water (straight from the kettle) until it "unlocks" or goes limp, then get it in the shape you want and dip and soak it in ice water with some salt in it. Works like a charm.

    1. Good to know. For me, part of the problem is if I wanted to do work on getting a mini ready to use, I'd buy ones I assemble and paint myself!