Friday 3 March 2023

Some excellent RPG products I think you would like

Cover by Ed Bickford
A good friend of mine, James Holloway, has published a few different roleplaying things over the past few years, as well as having an excellent podcast, Monster Man. The Magonium Mine Murders is an adventure for Old-School Essentials but is pretty easy to translate into any other fantasy RPG of your choice.

Cover illustration by Tim Molloy

The Pamphlet of Pantheons is a zine that gives you random tables and a method to generate a Pantheon of gods for a fantasy setting. Even if you don't use the whole thing when world building a setting, it has a ton of good ideas worth a read.

Art from "Guide to Grunts"
Illustration by Letty Wilson

I mention this now because James has a new zine currently funding called "Guide to Grunts" which I would very much like to succeed so I can get my copy. If you like RPGs, and zines, you should definitely back it if you can afford to. It will give a whole ton of useful ideas and guidance on creating a military culture or adding flavour to a group of soldier NPCs your players might encounter. You could also use it for a character's back story.

My friend James writes good words. Please give him money, so you and I can both read more of them.

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