Wednesday 15 March 2023

Mwangi Expanse Miniatures - Spider Content Warning

I normally put all of a batch of miniatures in the first photo of a set, but in this case, there are miniatures of spiders in those photos, and some social media automatically takes the first photograph in the blog as the preview photo. So, to be considerate of people with arachnophobia, here's the first miniature of the group.

This is a Conrasu, an astral spirit of balance that's built a construct of wood and plants around itself to operate in the material plane. In Pathfinder, this is a valid player character option. Sure, it's a rare player character option that they recommend you speak to your GM about, but still, player option.

I do quite like this about Pathfinder. With the Common / Uncommon / Rare listings baked into the books, you can either run a very traditional "humans, elf, dwarf, halfling and gnome" adventure (admittedly with a side helping of goblins, which have taken off in Pathfinder), or you can run an adventure for a robot, a spirit possessing a plant, a giant spider and Bob the Human Fighter who is a little confused but chill about it all.

Obviously, I picked up the pre-painted miniature for a Conrasu because it's a pretty good mini for what it is, and the chance of me finding another good sculpt for this amazing nonsense is minimal.

These pre-painted miniatures are from the Mwangi Expanse set - the Mwangi Expanse being the supplement that moved me from curious about Pathfinder to seriously interested. The Mwangi Expanse is the African inspired part of the world, and there is an excellent source book for it that's really detailed and brilliantly written.

I wasn't a huge fan of the humanoid sculpts in the pre-painted range - I'll be looking elsewhere to fill in those gaps - but with the rarity of the Conrasu and the Anadi (the spider folk), I decided to pick up their miniatures.

The Anadi are another playable race of large intelligent spiders, who can shape shift into humanoid forms to hide their nature from society until they can work to make sure the wider world won't seek to destroy them for how they look.

The art has them look like fuzzy peacock spiders, and they're the most adorable things. You've got one waving a length of silk about, and the other with an adventuring backpack and wizards staff.

I will definitely play one if I ever get the chance.

Finally, here's a hybrid form they can develop at higher levels which gives them some extra flexibility. I'm less of a fan of this sculpt - it's not great - but if I don't grab this one, I have no idea what options I'll be able to find in the future.

So, that's a quick summary of the Mwangi Expanse pre-painted models I've picked up. Hope you all found it interesting!

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