Monday 28 August 2023

Infinity Remotes and a little delivery

I got the second box of Nomad Zond remotes assembled. The one without a gun on the right is a Transductor Zond, a cheap remote with a Flash Pulse and Repeater that can act as a low powered ARO piece, or just a cheap order, depending on what you need.

The remote with the gun is the Vertigo Zond - the slightly infamous Guided Missile Launcher Remote profile available to every faction in Infinity. It is allowed to shoot models out of its line of sight if they've been Targeted by either a Hacker or Forward Observer. This is a strong but situational attack that Nomads are well placed to utilise due to their strong hacking coverage.

Quite a few players think Guided Missiles are one of the stronger plays in the game. I don't fully agree - I think they can easily catch out a newer player, but it can be quite order intensive compared to other plays. Robert Shepherd on YouTube has also done an excellent video tutorial about how to defend against it.

I've had a delivery from Fist in the Eye Miniatures, which is the miniature line associated with 28 Mag. That aside, I'm really looking to slow down my miniature purchasing to something that I'm likely to be able to actually keep up with, painting wise. That probably means selling a few more things as well, which I'll likely get to soon enough.


  1. My favourite part of this blog is learning about mini manufacturers I'd never heard of. Definitely going to pick up the explorer at some point. Thanks.

    1. There's so many good small manufacturers out there! I should maybe be a bit more regular with letting people know about the various ones I come across in my travels across the internet...