Monday 7 August 2023

Taking stock at the end of July

I've had a productive month all told, despite having wandered off LARPing during it. I'm kind of most happy about the Reaper Bones Wolves, because they're something I bought, assembled and painted pretty much straight through. This is much more the sort of thing I want to be doing - not working through backlogs from years ago.

On the subject of backlogs from years ago, the third of the four Oathsworn dwarfs I was given as a present are now finished. It's a good feeling to have older stuff finished. I'm probably going to take a pass of all the things I've got assembled and ready to paint and see what I'm still emotionally invested in doing. Things that I'm more keen on being done than doing myself, I'll get out to one of my commission painters.

I also got this Urbanmech done. There's a whole bunch of games I've got lined up that I want to play but haven't made the time to. I'm probably going to have a bit of a think by the end of the year about how many games I can realistically play, and move a few games to either "I'll paint a few of their minis for fun" or "admire from afar rather than collect" to have a bit more of a realistic attitude to what I'll actually get done.

Infinity remains my favourite game to play, and I'm now keen to get to my first faction love - Nomads. I do need to take a mature and sensible approach to that project, though, and make sure I've got rid of enough clutter that I can properly dedicate time to them, rather than get frustrated that I'm not getting anywhere with them because things are in the way...

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