Thursday 10 August 2023

Infinity Tournament: Troll Trader Bromley July Tournament

I popped down to Troll Trader Bromley in July for their regular Infinity tournament. Unfortunately, some last minute drop outs and illnesses meant that there were only three of us, but we all got a game in with each other anyway.

First up was Chappers Invincible Army, playing Power Pack.

I had a cunning plan and it did not survive getting shot in the face. I managed to get a Kunai right into his back line troops, but ran out of orders before I could do a lot of damage. An earlier attack with a Tiger Soldier had similarly bounced off.  All in all, it ended up with an 8-0 loss.

After a nice long lunch while I took a bye, I got in a game against Yashar's Acontecimento force in Quadrant Control. 

I did not have the tools to deal with two TAGs, and it all went horribly wrong. I managed to grab a couple of points, but still ended it on a 6-2 loss.

While I had two losses on the day, it was good to get out and get some games in with friends. The Bromley Troll Trader store is really quite nice, and I'd recommend going to any events they're running there.

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