Friday 7 June 2024

Taking stock

I've been doing a little taking stock of my current hobby projects, and thinking about what my priorities are. Planning things a little bit in advance so I can set myself some goals means that as one thing starts to flag a little, I can start motivating myself by looking forward to the next thing.

With the Battletech Mercenaries Kickstarter due soon, I'm prioritising knocking out one of my lances from the "Game of Armored Combat" box so I don't fall too behind with the painting there. Four miniatures with a simple tabletop scheme is a nice simple job that's not too big, especially as June is a LARP month so I won't have a huge amount of time.

Having a fully painted Lance will mean I can start finding some games to start learning how it plays. I may have found a demo at UK Games Expo by now, but some games with my own models will be good.

I played in the latest club Infinity league with my Nomads, who are currently unpainted. I'm looking to paint those soon, and am looking for what to play while I'm painting up the first force. I decided it's time to dip back into my Combined Army. I have a Shasvastii force painted, and it won't take many models to expand the force to a Vanilla force. It's a quick scheme to paint so shouldn't be a big time investment.

Also, I might dip back to Shasvastii at some point and see if I can make Jayth Cutthroats work.

I really enjoyed playing my Guard again, but oh my goodness are there a lot of changes needed made to bring my models up to scratch. I'm searching for bits to update some additional models, and also looking at what to expand. The new Cadian miniatures are the first time I've been interested in getting some Cadian models, and as they now have their own profile and special abilities compared to Infantry squads, I'm thinking the first thing I'll get is the new "Start Collecting" box...

... but first, I have a unit of Bretonnian Men at Arms who are still only part assembled. Getting them ready for paint before I get another big unit to assemble feels pretty much essential. I put them to one side for a little bit to finish painting a few bits and pieces first. The Bretonnians and a box of Wizkids Kobolds are now my remaining annoyingly half finished projects from this year. I'm doing a lot better about having fewer of those.

On the subject of half finished projects I have lying around, I haven't played Malifaux since before the pandemic. There is a charity tournament at Dark Sphere at the end of June, so I've found someone to give me a refresher game, and if that goes OK, I'll look to get a few more models assembled in time for that.

The recent Age of Sigmar announcement has shown off some very, very pretty new Skaven models. I have previously abandoned my Skaven project, but I think I'm going to fall back into my old ratty ways... I don't know when the new AoS is out, but right now, I'm not going to worry about it.

That said, I do have a painted Stormcast army I'll be able to play when AoS 4 comes out, which I am determined to do, having missed playing the first three editions...

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