Monday 24 June 2024

UK Games Expo - RPGs, Books and Accessories

I picked up a whole bunch of bits and pieces that aren't miniatures at UK Games Expo. First up is "hobbit girl autumn", a zine project by Jens Brasier. I was ambling late in the show and just got nattering to Jens on her stall, and liked the conversation sufficiently that I decided to buy something, and settled on this. It's a series of short stories and art of hobbit ladies in autumn. It's very chill and cosy.

Hobgoblin is a fantasy wargame created by Mike Hutchinson, the creator of Gaslands. I already backed the Kickstarter for a PDF of the rules, but picked up a deck of the cards you use in the game to make it easier to play if I do get around to trying it out.

Ex Libris is by my friend Eleanor Hingley. It's a solo play game about being a magical librarian. Definitely an easy sell.

"The what on the Border where?" was on the same stall. It's an interesting little ?exercise? where you create an old school style adventure. I don't know how to explain it, really, but I found it rather interesting.

Talking Thunder is a two person letter writing game about living under a dystopian oppressive regime. This is another game by Eleanor Higley. This is definitely one to have a little bit of emotional oomph spare before playing!

Senet is a board gaming magazine. I'd not come across it before, and it only has a print version and no PDF / online version. Board Games aren't my major jam - I like them but wargaming and RPGs are way ahead of them in my priorities - but this is a really solid review magazine that lets you know about stuff you wouldn't otherwise find out about.

SoulMuppet were giving away some QuickStart copies of Paint the Town Red , a game about sad vampires. In the player tips, it includes the line "be an impulsive, hedonistic disaster".

I think a lot of my friends will like this game very much.

It is coming to Kickstarter later this year.

While I was at the SoulMuppet stand, I spotted this game, Teeth, with a little post it said "Bridgerton Meets Buffy in West Yorkshire", at which point I knew I had to buy it. There wasn't much reason involved beyond that.

Finally, these "Dungenerator" cards, again from SoulMuppet, allow you to make a dungeon layout in a hurry. It seemed useful, so I picked them up too.

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