Monday, 9 July 2012

Completed models!

The wife has helped me use her camera to take some better photos of my recently completed Imperial Guard. They are very much gaming quality (ie: Not Very Good), with the Ratlings and Psyker being nothing more than a swift black wash over a 14 year old paint job.

In many ways, I'm posting them here so when in a while I come back, strip the models down and repaint them, I can do an awesome before & after shot!

Ratlings, posing on the Ice-Cream lid of Justice.

No, that model didn't come with a shotgun. I added it, then they changed the rules so he couldn't have one any more.

Complete with Chimera in the background. This is the full squad I picked up at  Salute from Lesley's Bitz Box.
I didn't get any new painting done last week as I was a bit too tired to head in to Darksphere, or finish taking down the gaming table and putting the painting table back up.


  1. Replies
    1. I'd probably say "looking tolerable for a gaming table", but I'm painfully aware that throwing a black wash over old bad paint jobs is a holding tactic until I get the time to start stripping paint...

  2. Yeah, dude... They look better then they used to.