Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The past week

After the rush to get all my painting done for the big games, I've taken a couple of weeks off from painting. I've finally finished my huge Imperial Guard audit and typed it up, and will soon start some huge task list of things that need doing to get the army fully painted.

I don't expect to ever do this as more things will get added on the bottom, but I hope to never have it expand beyond its current state, and slowly bring it down to a more manageable level.

I was saddened to discover a few models were missing - especially my very old Stormtroopers and a few Praetorians, who will be very hard to replace. I'm hoping they will turn up again eventually.

I had said last week that I'd try and get some photos of my newly painted models. Well, here was my first attempt:

That's not very good, is it?

So, I'm planning on trying again with a bit better lighting and maybe a better camera. I'm hoping the wife will give me some pointers.

You will notice that they're sitting on some MDF. These are the 2x4 sections that will eventually become my modular gaming board, which fit nicely over the dining room table.

I managed to get a game in against Paul's Space Wolves again. We went with 5th edition as when we organised we didn't know if the new rules would definitely be out or not, and with a much larger 2,000 point list. Again, lazy basis of the January Throne of Skulls list, this time upping the Leman Russ contingent to three and the big squad of melta armed Storm Troopers you see above.

Paul brought Thunderwolves.

There will follow a longer report, but here is your summary:

That is, you will note, Canis Wolfborn & friends in hand to hand with my Leman Russ Squadron, and three Wrecked vehicle markers.

Oww, the face. Blasted Space Vikings riding angry wolves!

(Other jokes included "There are no wolves on Fenris because they're here, eating your tanks.")

Still not allowed 6 ed book. Housework goals currently at about 10% of where I need to be.

Did get a look at Paul's book, and the Internet is telling me a good bit about the meta. Expect some first thoughts from me at some point soon - not what I think is going to be good or not, but what I think I should be experimenting with to determine how much has changed and what is good or not. We are too early in the day for confident predictions.

So, this week?

Primarily, getting on with earning the beloved 6th Edition Rulebook. Painting may take a back seat to tidying the study, but perhaps there will be some breaks for painting to keep it from getting too monotonous.

I'm thinking the 10 conscripts I didn't get done for the big battles are a good bet, along with my "Paint Along" Space Marine for some variety. I'm avoiding the last Leman Russ for a bit, as I have far too many tanks and not enough infantry as is right now... There's still Malifaux, more Storm Troopers, heavy weapons teams . . . Not to mention the Tzeentch Herald on Disk I have borrowed from Becky to paint for her... I'm thinking that's going to be a project to do while the Olympics are on - I'll probably do it as part of Sim (the wife)'s painting thing for the Olympics that she's doing with Darksphere.

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