Thursday, 26 July 2012

Imperial Guard in 6th Edition: Fast Attack

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For more in depth approach, I would recommend pottering over to 3++, where they are starting a far more comprehensive analysis.

I don't intend on covering Sentinels and Armoured Sentinels separately here. In short, they are gun platforms with a bit more survivability and flexibility than heavy weapons teams. I'm curious as to whether they'll be able to take objectives in whatever mission allows Fast Attack to. Outflank and shooting people in the pack with scout sentinels may be worth considering. All in all, I'm pretty open to ideas here, and a bit concerned they're going to lose out a lot to all the fliers in the world.

Things to try
- Different weapons combinations
- Scout / Outflank
- When to use Armoured Sentinels
- Heavy Flamers? Maybe for use in supporting close combat troops, when a lot of things will be closing the distance already.

Rough Riders
I do have a soft spot for Rough Riders, although they are a pretty much one shot glass cannon. If their speed has increased, I may want to consider some special weapons rather than just lances, but I'm not sure. Meltabombs also likely add some utility after the initial charge is done. Will krak grenades do anything useful?

Things to try
- Special weapons
- Meltabombs
- Find out if krak grenades do anything useful with light tanks
- Moghul Kamir now a lethal nightmare on the charge, definitely worth trying (and a conversion with the Engineer on Mechanical Horse will be pretty damned cool, too)

Hellhounds & Variants
I generally think all are worthwhile, but in the 5th ed tournament meta with a lot of power armour, the Banewolf & Devil Dog had the edge. Nothing special to do here, just go through all the potential variants and see how they go.

Valkyries and Vendettas
One of the gaming standards now - is your army capable of dealing with multiple Guard fliers?

Things to try:
- Valkyrie basic payload (because tons of anti tank missiles make me want to shout "Fox 2"). Highly undervalued as a skimmer, but I think slightly less good now
- Valkyrie with MRPs
- The Vendetta (which I suspect will be the flier of choice)
- Flier vs flier combat
- How many fliers in 1,500 points? Using both a low and high number of Valks/Vendettas to work out the right proportion
- Fliers as transports - is it worthwhile?

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  1. I have enjoyed reading these analyses - anytime you want to field test some theories on marines, i'm in for that!