Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Imperial Guard in 6th Edition: Elites

Please, for the love of all that's holy, read my disclaimer.

Ah, the Elites section. The red headed step child of the Imperial Guard Codex...

Ogryn Squad
No real changes here beyond an increase in the charge range. They can be monsters to kill, but Force Weapons in 5th edition left me cold with so many Grey Knight armies stalking the tournament scene. They could be an interesting pairing to a Commissar Lord or perhaps even a Primaris Psyker.

Things to try:
- What can they win in a fight against?
- Alongside close combat guard.
- 10 Ogryns, Yarrick, and charging across the table yelling

Ratling Squad
Snipers got a little cooler in 6th edition. I've never quite got the hang of Ratlings infiltrating - they get close to the enemy and then close combatted to death. I'm more likely to use it to allow me a late deployment when I've had to deploy first.

Things to try:
- Larger squads (I've had a tendency towards 3 - 5)
- Finding ways of infiltrating them without being murdered to death

Psyker Battle Squad
Sure, they can't change their powers, but why would you want to? A reliable staple I've not really tried much myself.

Things to try:
- Using them
- Aggressive psychic defence (its hard to call on the Warp when your leadership is 2.)
- Controlling what enemy units run away (I need to look at when leadership tests are made and when in particular when I get the new rulebook)

Storm Trooper Squad
I've been starting to try these out recently, and so far, as a Deep Striking disruption unit they are doing very well. There's plenty still to do, though!

Things to try:
- Infiltration and scout options
- Plasma

What more is there to try other than "suddenly, demo charge!"? He has a lot of special rules, but still too easy to instant death.

Things to try:
- Surviving more than a turn after dropping a demo charge

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