Monday 31 December 2012

An update in the Christmas aftermath

I had a wonderful Christmas break, and I'm feeling very relaxed. I took some painting up to my parents' house. I did not need to sneak away from my parents, although there was a very helpful guide  to escaping your family provided by Joeyberry for those who need it.

I got a few gaming related presents which I will mention here. The non gaming related stuff was also lovely, but this is my gaming blog, so you only get to hear about the gaming related things!

The first thing to mention is the board game Lords of Waterdeep. I've played it before and enjoyed it, so happily added it to my Amazon wish list. The premise is that you are a significant figure in the D&D city and to try and take control of the city, you gain political capital by sponsoring adventurers to complete quests for you. I would heartily recommend it!

Sim got me a Dark Vengeance set, which is wonderfully generous. My only panic is that it will stuff my painting progress this month! I have some plans, though, and intend to do a little bit of kit bashing to deal with the few duplicates in the box, which should be fun. Have I said how wonderful my wife is enough yet?

Finally, I got Imperial Armour Aeronautica. It maintains Forge World's high standards, and I'm very happy with it. It does favour the Imperium over the Xenos and Chaos, but that doesn't affect me much. The campaign is a nice filler, but I don't really expect many people to actually be using the rules and missions from it given the number of fliers you'd need to be able to do anything with it!

You should see a little more hobby in the blog from the progress I got over the holiday season. I hope everyone had an excellent holiday period, and has a wonderful New Year.

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