Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Battle Report: Chaos Demons

So, back when the Dark Sphere slow grow was still at 1,500 points, I rocked up with my Guard to see who was about. This time around, I ended up facing a Chaos Demons list, which I haven't had to deal with before, so I was curious as to how it was going to go.

On the right flank, I deployed the Leman Russ, the Conscripts lead by the Primaris and one of the infantry platoon squads, with the Lieutenant's command squad using the Demolisher as cover.

Meanwhile, on the left flank, my Command HQ was using the Chimera, the Manticore was doing its own thing, and the other infantry squad was covering the space between the flanks.

So meanwhile, a large squad of flesh hounds was scouted out into the centre, a squad of Pink Horrors hunkered down in cover with an objective, and Kairos and two demon princes huddled behind some ruins for cover until they got moving.

We were using some lovely objective markers the demon player had made, while we made the patch of terrain to the right of this some quicksand which we made difficult and dangerous terrain - I think it's actually meant to be the base for some tree area terrain, but we couldn't find those while setting up the battlefield.

A close up of the Pink Horrors, huddling over an objective.

Sneaky flying monstrous creatures! Note the magnetised square / circle base Kairos has - very clever!

First turn, and the Flesh Hounds rocket forward, with the blessing of the Grimoire of True Names increasing their invulnerable save.

The Portalglyph helpfully scatters to the far corner of the battlefield. Given it would be spewing out demons for the rest of the battle, I was quite glad of it's position.

The conscripts watch nervously as the demons advance, not realising that the threat is also within...

The Primaris clutches his head and collapses to the floor, the vomit pouring from his mouth and nose coalescing into a vile Herald of Nurgle. (We then proceeded to forget to roll on the Warp Storm chart most turns, but this was a particularly memorable introduction.)

Kairos proceeds to miscast his psychic powers, injuring himself...

This was about the only damage Kairos took all game, so it was rather ironic it was self inflicted...

Panicking conscripts desperately shoot wildly at the terrifying apparition that was once their psyker... It was eventually brought down by the Lieutenant's melta squad.

A vast array of shooting at the Flesh Hounds only removed a couple due to the Grimoire of True Names' protection.

Heedless of the casualties, they tear into the left flank, tearing apart the Chimera, causing the commander to desperately bail out of the wreck.

Meanwhile, psychic shooting powers from the flying demon Princes was decimating the infantry...

Soon enough, the Flesh Hounds have massacred the Command HQ and ripped the Manticore to pieces, without really breaking a sweat.

Team sentinel rock up on the flank to threaten the Pink Horrors.

Well, things aren't looking too bad here - there's lots of infantry left on the right flank, we're pressing onto two objectives, and there's not many demons in sight.

The danger is coming from the left flank, where a horde of Flesh Hounds and Kairos lurk in the ruins among the corpses and wrecked vehicles.

Reinforcements start arriving, with more Pink Horrors materialising onto the table, cackling madly.

You'll also notice one of the demon princes has returned from ongoing reserves...

The Flesh Hounds slip through a gap in the lines, and Kairos swoops over the perimeter squad, clawing at them as he passes.

And then the Slaanesh Demon Prince decides to get all close and personal with everyone...

And whatever flavour of mind bullets he was using wrecks the Leman Russ MBT.

Kairos demonstrates that his mind bullets are just as good, blowing the perimeter squad to pieces.

The Sentinels realise that with a 2+ cover save, those Pink Heralds aren't going anywhere without some good old fashioned violence, and charge into the terrain to try and kick them to death - and actually start doing quite well at it!

The Valkyrie roars onto the table to help out, as Daemonettes from the Portalglyph race across the table to save the objective from the Sentinels. Meanwhile, the Flesh Hounds rip the Demolisher to pieces.

The Daemonettes pour onto the objective, and the Sentinels are in trouble.

The Flesh Hounds rush up to attack the conscripts, but Fateweaver destroys them all before the minions of Khorne can claim their skulls.

And that was pretty much it... My Veterans did drop down and mangle the Pink Horrors (but nowhere near as much as they should have) and the Sentinels managed to desperately hold on, but I had so few units left there was no holding the objectives and I was thoroughly defeated.

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