Saturday 5 July 2014

Battle Report: Friendly 500 pt game vs Grey Knights

Well, after I finished my slow grow game last week, I had a little time left, and ClauseIV1918 was free, having completed his game as well. So, it was time to face my old opponents, the Grey Knights!

We were playing the Scouring, and it turned out that all the high value objectives were on the Grey Knight side!

ClauseIV1918 had taken Coteaz, a second divination Inquisitor, two Henchmen squads full of Plasma Cannon servitors, and a Dreadnought with a twin linked Lascannon.

I advanced up the field, aware I was in the embarrassing situation of being outranged by a Grey Knight army!

The Chimera lost it's Multilaser, but was still operational.

The command squad returned fire with melta guns, and the Dreadnought was no more. ClauseIV1918 did comment that he felt that advancing it this game was probably a mistake.

The plasma cannons kept on at the Chimera, and wrecked it, forcing a bail out.

With Coteaz and his squad hidden away in a Chimera, most of my anti infantry fire was going the way of the other henchman squad, who were suffering as a result. I have a lot of lasguns, and that means they have to be lucky an awful lot of times...

My Warlord was bouncing around a little bit to give out orders (as he'd gained them via Warlord trait). Meanwhile the melta gunners of the command squad were focussed on and blasted to death. In turn, the Inquisitor was starting to feel very nervous...

And rightly so, as she lost the rest of her squad, lost a wound to the perils of the warp and was forced to go to ground to avoid an inglorious death at the hands of guard rifle fire.

The conscripts spread out to be within easy reach of two objectives depending on what cards I drew. The Veterans advanced behind them (I may have used the phrase "mobile aegis line") in the hope of getting a lucky shot off against the Chimera.

The surviving infantry on the right, having weathered a round of shooting from the entire of the Grey Knights army and having fled as a result, rallied, but weren't able to get the Inquisitor off the objective. There was also a definite intent to avoid me getting Linebreaker.

My Warlord took a chance and ran off to pick up an extra victory point on the off chance I was unlucky. In the end, it wasn't needed, but every little helps!

In the end, the game ended on turn five with a marginal victory for me. It was a close run thing - I almost forgot to move my men onto objectives in turn five, which would have been disastrous and could have cost me the game. It pays to remember to play to the mission!

Still, it was a hard fought first victory for both 7th Edition and the new Astra Militarum codex.


  1. Hearty congratulations for the win: I'm seriously impressed by these games you're getting in, mate!

    1. It turns out that 500 point games are something that you can fit in pretty quickly! With the slow grow league requiring weekly games, its getting me out of the house and down to the gaming store on the weeks where I might otherwise have flaked and stayed home...